cox.utils module

class cox.utils.Parameters(params)

Bases: object

Parameters class, just a nice way of accessing a dictionary

ps = Parameters({"a": 1, "b": 3})
ps.A # returns 1
cox.utils.consistent(old, new)

Asserts that either first argument is None or both arguments are equal, and returns the non-None argument.


Given a directory path, return whether or not it has a tensorboard directory in it.

Parameters:dirname (str) – path to directory
Returns:Whether or not the directory has a “tensorboard” folder in it.
cox.utils.mkdirp(x, should_msg=False)

Tries to make a directory, but doesn’t error if the directory exists/can’t be created.


Serialize an object to a string

cox.utils.override_json(args, json_path, check_consistency=False)

Overrides the null values in an arguments object with values extracted from a JSON file.

  • args (object) – A python object with the arguments as properties.
  • json_path (str) – Path to the JSON file with which to override.
  • check_consistency (bool) – If true, make sure that the keys in the JSON file and the args object match up exactly

A new args object with appropriately overriden None values.


Unserialize a string back into an object.